October 11, 2018: Mary-Ellen “MEL” Kennedy

Please join us for our October 11th breakfast. We are pleased to have as our speaker the Award Nominated Recording Artist and Inspirational Performer, Motivational and Liturgical Speaker, NPM Certified Cantor - Mary-Ellen “MEL” Kennedy. Mel uses her gifts of an extraordinary voice, dynamic presentation, and infectious spirituality to capture the hearts of those who hear her. She is an NPM Certified Cantor. The former Mrs. Anaheim Hills shares sacred scripture, heart-warming songs, and personal and humorous stories to engage her audience with an authentic faith experience. In addition to her live presentations and performances, Mel has released five contemporary Christian CDs. Mel's ministry is about empowering and encouraging men and women to share their faith and radiate God's love through liturgy, service, relationship, and the simple actions of day to day life.

Mel is currently working toward her Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality from Graduate Theological Foundation. She holds an M.A. in Liturgical Ministry and Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. Her B.A. is in Business Administration and was earned from California State University, Fullerton. She is a graduate of the Genesis Institute (a three-year lay formation program) and is a National Association of Pastoral Musicians’ Certified Cantor Colleague. In 2007, she was nominated for the Momentum Award Artist of the Year.

Mel has spoken and performed at conferences, churches, and women's retreats across the country. Her ministry is about empowering and encouraging men and women to share their faith and radiate God's love through liturgy, service, relationship, and the simple actions of day to day life.

Mel will be speaking to us on the following topic:

Joy in the Journey: Embracing Faith, Love, and Peace in Life: Life is seldom what we expect, is it? Even as faithful servants of God who know and love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts, we can so easily get caught up in life’s uncertainties and struggles. In this presentation, we will reflect on inspiring models from the bible, so that, wherever our journey takes us, we can proclaim, “Therefore my heart is glad” (Psalm 16:9)

Novemver 8, 2018: Reverend J. Patrick Foley

CPBC welcomes Reverend J. Patrick Foley, (AKA, The Itinerant Papist Preacher), as our guest speaker on November 8th at the Wyndham Hotel. People frequently ask Fr. Foley about this ministry which God has given him. As he explains...

“I am a diocesan priest, ordained in 1973, and have served in a variety of settings (parish and campus ministry, administration, high school and college teacher). From early on I have been involved with directing retreats, parish missions, days of recollection, and similar events. Since 1995 these have been the focus of my ministry. I am typically ‘on the road’ some forty or more weeks every year, visiting dioceses, religious communities and parishes across the country -- wherever I am invited. When I am not traveling, I am writing to reflect further upon the themes of spiritual formation and Christian life in our times.”

“In addition to degrees in philosophy and theology, I earned an M.A. in speech and drama from The Catholic University of America, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in formative spirituality from Duquesne University. This wonderful education is one of many gifts with which God has blessed me, and which I am privileged to be able to bring to this ministry.”

“I am paid no salary and charge no fees. My sole means of support are the donations given by those whom I serve. Those gifts not only provide for all my living expenses; they also make it possible for me to travel to small, rural, or out-of-the-way parishes and groups who might not otherwise be able to afford a mission or retreat.”

We look forward to hearing Fr. Foley’s inspirational presentation about his spiritual travels and adventures at our November breakfast. We hope you will join us!

December 13, 2018: Christmas Party Social

For our December breakfast this year, we will, again, celebrate our annual Christmas Party Social! Please bring an unwrapped toy as a Christmas gift for a needy child, which will be distributed through the Bethlehem Center. Our musical program will consist of seasonal music presented by the George McCann 8th Grade Bell Choir, followed by a Christmas message from a special guest speaker.

This is always a well-attended event, so be sure to register early!

February 7, 2018: Jim Cruise (The Spoons Guy)

Joining us for our February breakfast is Jim Cruise (The Spoons Guy). Jim is married with 5 kids and a mortgage and has been supporting his family for 20 years by playing the spoons. If that is not a testimony to Jesus Christ, then he doesn't know what is. Jim is a renowned Catholic Evangelist, comedian, keynote speaker and author. He is a graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Jim’s burning desire is to share his Catholic faith with adults, teens, and families around the country. Every performance contains audience participation, music, comedy and a spoonful of Catholic doctrine. He has a totally clean act - he never uses dirty silverware. His performances have brought him all over the country including corporate clients such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, IBM, Steelcase and Herman Miller. He has also performed for former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Jims topic for us will be, “We are Stewards not Owners.” Please join us for Jim’s entertaining and motivational presentation.

Personal Testimony Quotes:

Diocese of Beaumont - Tommy Chatlosh, Director - “Jim, you cracked through even the most diehard 'make me enjoy this wall' some people can build up.
You creatively involved us in your fun with your high energy antics. You’re a seasoned performer and a man of spirit and faith that really connected. You helped us realize it doesn't matter how strange or unusual your gift or talent may be - It can make a difference in people’s lives and bring glory to God. We'll definitely have you back.”

Diocese of Gaylord - Joanne Willis -
 “Jim, you were the best keynote speaker and entertainer that we've ever had since I've been here.”

Our lady of Consolation - Laura Readle - “Your audience interaction especially with Bishop McKinney was fabulous.”

March 7, 2018: Jon Leonetti

Please join us on March 7th, for an entertaining and spiritually uplifting presentation from Jon Leonetti. As both speaker and storyteller, Jon conveys a message of lasting fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

As an international Catholic speaker, author and radio host, Jon has dedicated his life to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in a faithful, energetic, and humorous way to thousands everywhere.

Providing keynote presentations and parish missions, Jon is a recognized leader in the Church today, helping others to cultivate intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayer, Sacraments, family life, Mary and the saints. Jon and his wife, Teresa, reside in Des Moines, Iowa, with their son Joseph. Jon is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Moral Theology.

Jon’s first book entitled Mission of the Family was published and featured by Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic Book Program and was released in March, 2013.

Jon’s topic for us this morning will be, “Communicating the Faith to a Hurting World.” Please join us to hear Jon’s important, inspirational message.

What people are saying:

“Jon Leonetti speaks with passion about our Catholic faith. His heart is filled with enthusiasm about the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Church.” - Tom Peterson, Founder and President, Catholics Come Home

“Engaging, entertaining, and hilarious!” - Erin Walsh, Teacher, Omaha, NE.

“Jon's evangelizing message brings laughter and truth in a way that is relatable, inspiring and challenging!” - Cindy Black, Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry, Diocese of Fort Wayne, IN.

“Your stories, humor and deep inspiration have led many of us to examine our lives and feel the touch of Jesus in our hearts.” - Deacon Don Musso, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Baton Rouge, LA.

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